MyGreat Adventure

When everybody else is ready for the ending, I’m just ready to begin,”

Frank Gehry

My life has certainly been an adventure.  I see opportunity everywhere and have never been afraid to try something new.  Many have told me that I could not accomplish the things that I have.  Apparently, I am too small, too young, too old, I don’t have enough education, too much education, and I don’t have the skills, money or experience to start a business.  And, I am certainly too old to go back to school.

But, my detractors have always underestimated the power of tenacity, determination, and grit.  Above all, I have had the love and support of my family, along with the ever-present grace of God who has been my help and strength through many adversities. It is my hope that my life will always bring Him honor and glory.

So ignore the naysayers and those who tell you that you can’t do something and have the courage to live YOUR, adventure.

Education and ProfessionMinistry, Marketing and Medicine

I went to high school on Whidbey Island, served in the Marine Corps and achieved a Bachelor’s degree at Eastern Washington University (EWU) in Health Care Administration.

After college, I started, built and sold several companies that specialized in various forms of corporate communications, marketing, and public relations.  I was also the General Manager of a printing and publishing company.  Although I enjoyed business, I never really felt fulfilled in it.

What started as a desire to serve the very poorest of the world in India, became the genesis of my decision to leave business and pursue a career in healthcare.  I went back to school and earned a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, taught the lab section of Anatomy and Physiology at Eastern Washington University, and worked at Christ Clinic as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. I am currently in the second year of the Bachelors of Science Nursing program at Washington State University and if that were  not enough, I am concurrently working on a Master’s in Addiction at Eastern Washington University.

lastly, I have had the privilege of serving in various ministries including; children’s, youth, worship, counseling, overseas missions, and more.

Marine Corps and Ministry


I have five amazing children; Bethany, Josiah, Kaitlin, Joshua, and Jeremiah who I could not be prouder of.  I have a super wonderful granddaughter, Rylee, and grandsons Malik, Caelan, Ryker and Tyvik who are the coolest grand-dudes ever.

I have always worked hard for my family and have done my best.  But if I were to do it all over again, I would have worked less, laughed more and loved even more.  The bible is so right when it says that there is no greater joy that to see that your children are walking in the truth, and this joy is mine.

Life without Ice CreamWould Be Darkness and Chaos